One can improve their IELTS score by focusing on the Reading section. This would also lead to improvement in their English. Below given IELTS reading tips are helpful in avoiding common mistakes.

1. Prepare Well

A lot of preparation is required to sit for any exam. Preparation should be done with strategy and set targets to succeed. In IELTS exam one needs to prepare for different types of questions and learn the right skills.

2. Skimming and Scanning

This is amongst the most important IELTS Reading tips that should be mastered to take the test. It requires quick reading as the text of the passages is very long. Skimming is quickly reading the passages for general idea. Scanning on the other hand is locating the distinguishing information quickly.

3. Speedy Reading

Since the test is strictly time bound one should develop their reading skills. The student needs to practice speedy reading to scan the passage for answers and information.

4. Recognizing Keywords

Every question has a keyword for it’s answers in the passage. The best way to recognize the keywords is underlining them while going through the passage and using them correctly. Keywords are paraphrased, obvious, subtle or in dates, numbers and places. Practicing reading lessons can help you locate right keywords.

5. Time Management

The text of the passages in the IELTS test are lengthy therefore, one should follow a strategy to read all of them so that no time is wasted. All the students cannot follow one strategy as every student is different. One should try different strategies in test papers and select which is suitable for them.

6. Practice and Practice

It is very well said “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. A lot of hard work and practice is required to clear the test with high bands. Therefore, the foremost IELTS reading tip is practice.

7. Recognizing Your Weak Areas

The student should review their practice tests to know where they lack behind. Recognizing their mistakes will help them in achieving better scores next time. For many wrong answers due to lack of time it is recommended to work on strategies and time management. It is suggested to improve on English language when the students have understanding issues of the passage

8. Improve on Grammar

Grammar mistakes are mostly done in sentence completion and summary completion questions. Practice reading lessons to know your mistakes.

9. Develop Your Vocabulary

Developing the vocabulary is an important IELTS reading tip. Many students don’t score high because of the usage of wrong vocabulary. One should know the meaning of the word and where it can be used with proper verbs and matching nouns.

10. Practice IELTS Reading Tests

Several online tests are available for the students on our website. Practicing IELTS reading tests would help students develop their skills and improve on vocabulary. One also learns how to manage time by testing themselves under exam conditions.