IELTS writing section is has both Academic Test and General Writing. The candidate has to complete two tasks each of Academic Test and General Writing. The time allotted to this section is 60 minutes.

The candidate should follow the below given 10 IELTS writing tips section:

1. Which Task to Answer First

There are two tasks to be completed essay and report. The essay should be answered first as it has more weightage of marks.

2. Time Management

Time management is very important IELTS writing tip since two tasks have to be completed in 60 minutes. Task 2 (i.e. essay writing) the minimum word limit is 250 and it should be given 40 mins and Task 1 (i.e. report writing) should be given 20 minutes to complete 150-170 words.

3. Provide Relevant Answers

Most importantly give relevant answers to the questions and don’t beat about the bush. For report writing all the details are mentioned in the graph/chart, identify the key points before writing. The essay needs to be answered on your opinion and not in general about the topic.

4. Make Proper Paragraphs

Making proper paragraphs of the essay and report should be properly laid out is an essential IELTS writing tip. The examiner is always impressed with organized and informative paragraphs which are easy to understand because they usually don’t read the whole thing.

5. Check For Errors

The student should know their weak areas and check for grammatical errors before submitting their answer sheet.

6. Vocabulary Usage

The vocabulary used in writing should be simple, precise and non repetitive.

7. Word Count

The word count for essay should range between 260-280 words and the report should have 160-180 words. Going beyond this word limit would lower the quality of writing and increase the number of mistakes. One should always keep in mind this IELTS writing tip to score better.

8. Think and Plan Before Writing

The student should think and plan his writing as it would reduce usage of unnecessary information. For task 2 (i.e. essay writing) 5 minutes should be given to planning, 30 minutes to writing and last 5 minutes to check for mistakes.

9. Exclude the Whole Sections of the Question

Avoid copying the whole section of the question in the answer as those numbers of words will not be counted.

10. Avoid Wasting Time on Counting Words

The student shouldn’t waste time in counting his words. Rather he should know while practicing that how many words fits in a line according to his handwriting.